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J. Yerachmiel Productions Ltd! We are a start-up company called by God to produce Christ-centred and Bible-based dramatic productions for film, stage, radio and social media to meet the need for local Christian content across media throughout the Caribbean.  We are determined to promote the voice of Caribbean Christian as a dramatic and powerful oracle of God’s Truth, as written in the Bible, firstly for His honour and glory and secondly to counter the dangerous and pervasive distortions of truth being promulgated by mainstream media upon Caribbean people. We believe that the time is right for Caribbean Christians who have been gifted by God with creative talent to step out in faith and use that gift to produce the movies, the documentaries, the radio operas, the animated films, the made-for-TV movies and more stage-plays with the related social media feeds that reflect the Truth of God’s Word in our circumstances, in our experiences and in our region.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about how we are pursuing our mission. If you feel the call of God’s Holy Spirit to come alongside us on this journey, please email or call (868) 301-0784.. 

God Bless!


What's Happening

Approved (Original Screen Play) - Faith Based Project Management Series


Pearl Newton and her friends are passionate about getting the underprivileged community of Borehole the new health centre it so desperately needs. With their hearts in the right place, and under the guidance of project management specialist Stephanie Matthews, the team pursues the 7 keys of successful proposal writing to secure the urgently needed funding. But when the doors to promising prospects begin closing one after the other, Pearl and her friends are forced to acknowledge that it takes much more than good intentions and technical expertise to get their proposal approved.



Screenplay completed. Fund-raising for production.

Empty Buses

(Adapted from the book “You Gotta Finish!” by J. Yerachmiel)

Sixteen year old high school student Afeisha Phillips rides the last bus home from the city to her remote village every day. Afeisha doesn’t care that she’s the only passenger on the bus late at night. That’s exactly where she wants to be – alone, quiet, securely seated in the bus following its normal, uneventful route. She’s safer here - much safer than at home. On the bus, no one mistreats her and no-one invades the privacy of her own emotional anguish. But one day, a new bus driver takes over the route and everything changes. Initially suspicious and uninterested, Afeisha is eventually drawn into conversation and debate as the new driver tries to share wise, practical advice about life and personal challenges, based on God's Word and from God's perspective. As things at home and at school begin taking unexpected twists and turns, Afeisha eventually realizes that the advice and the advice giver have been divinely orchestrated to take her life in a totally different direction.


In Treatment

The Timeless Whole Armour of God – Bootcamp 101

(Being produced by The Power In The Blood Assembly, Kew Road and Tudor Bridge, St. Michael, Barbados)

Fourteen year old Corey Stewart considers himself a good Christian trying to follow Jesus in his everyday life. However, one week with Bootcamp trainers, the special ops Eagle’s Wings Team, soon sets Corey straight. From pre-dawn Praise and Worship sessions to in-depth Bible study to demanding, sometimes dangerous, physical training exercises, the Eagle’s Wings Team instills in Corey the knowledge, wisdom, discipline and fighting spirit of a true Christian soldier. But will this be enough to equip him for the ultimate test for each Bootcamp recruit in order to graduate – the all-night lone sentry duty? As he prays for help, Corey knows he must lean on God in order to draw upon all his training to defeat the enemy’s conniving attack.



Casting dates to be rescheduled. Contact Annette Lowe-Bowen at The Power In The Blood Assembly, Barbados. Call (246) 425-9224 or email

A Cloud of Witnesses

(Produced by The Power In The Blood Assembly, Kew Road and Tudor Bridge, St. Michael, Barbados)

It was a time of peril. Peril for anyone who professed belief in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The religious leaders were adamant that all such heretics were to be purged from among the people and so they unleashed a wave of persecution through one of their most zealous supporters, Saul of Tarsus. But nothing could stop the moving of God’s Holy Spirit through the early Church. The same way that nothing could have stopped the impact Jesus had upon all the lives He touched during His earthly ministry. And those lives were bearing witness to His truth, declaring Him risen, alive, the long-awaited Messiah and the Son of the Living God! Their bold testimonies about Jesus generate reactions from everyone who hears them. And force two friends, Abigail and Michal, to confront their own beliefs…and each other. As danger closes in unknowingly around them, Michal and Abigail must ask themselves over and over again “Do I believe these witnesses?”



DVD available from The Power In The Blood Assembly, Barbados. Call (246) 425-9224 or email .
Funding-raising to bring production of A Cloud of Witnesses to T&T.

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