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   We have adopted 7 Guiding Principles for translating the Mission into Operational Guidelines for the company’s day-to-day operations.

   Our Guiding Principles (Summary)

  1. Everything done and every project undertaken must honour and please God and bring glory to the name of Jesus Christ. This is the first and foremost criterion that will be used to guide and assess every action and every endeavour at J. Yerachmiel Productions Ltd and will be applied under the direction of God’s Holy Spirit.

  2. All dramatic works must be fully consistent with God’s Word, the Bible and must portray the full Truth of God’s Word. There will be no compromising or diluting of God’s Word, especially for dramatic productions based on the real events and real persons presented in the Bible and those which include God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) speaking.

  3. Excellence will be pursued in every endeavor at J. Yerachmiel Productions Ltd, in accordance with God’s Word and ways, as an act of homage to God who is excellent in all His ways.

  4. Obedience to God’s Word and Christ’s Righteousness will guide every aspect of the company’s operations.

  5. Management and staff will seek to live Christ’s Righteousness in their daily lives to ensure that Jesus’ name is not brought into disrepute by their personal or professional actions and to provide no foothold to the enemy.

  6. A tithe of 10% of all company revenues will be set aside and given to Church in honour of God’s commandment and to further the ministry of the Gospel.

  7. J. Yerachmiel Productions Ltd will support, help develop and promote the artistic gifts of fellow Christians throughout the Caribbean, especially younger Christians. The company will also support initiatives aimed at strengthening or edifying the body of Christ and reaching the unsaved for Jesus Christ.