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Empty Buses

Empty Buses

(Adapted from the book “You Gotta Finish!” by J. Yerachmiel)

Sixteen year old high school student Afeisha Phillips rides the last bus home from the city to her remote village every day. Afeisha doesn’t care that she’s the only passenger on the bus late at night. That’s exactly where she wants to be – alone, quiet, securely seated in the bus following its normal, uneventful route. She’s safer here - much safer than at home. On the bus, no one mistreats her and no-one invades the privacy of her own emotional anguish. But one day, a new bus driver takes over the route and everything changes. Initially suspicious and uninterested, Afeisha is eventually drawn into conversation and debate as the new driver tries to share wise, practical advice about life and personal challenges, based on God's Word and from God's perspective. As things at home and at school begin taking unexpected twists and turns, Afeisha eventually realizes that the advice and the advice giver have been divinely orchestrated to take her life in a totally different direction.


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