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A Cloud of Witnesses

A Cloud of Witnesses

(Produced by The Power In The Blood Assembly, Kew Road and Tudor Bridge, St. Michael, Barbados)

It was a time of peril. Peril for anyone who professed belief in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The religious leaders were adamant that all such heretics were to be purged from among the people and so they unleashed a wave of persecution through one of their most zealous supporters, Saul of Tarsus. But nothing could stop the moving of God’s Holy Spirit through the early Church. The same way that nothing could have stopped the impact Jesus had upon all the lives He touched during His earthly ministry. And those lives were bearing witness to His truth, declaring Him risen, alive, the long-awaited Messiah and the Son of the Living God! Their bold testimonies about Jesus generate reactions from everyone who hears them. And force two friends, Abigail and Michal, to confront their own beliefs…and each other. As danger closes in unknowingly around them, Michal and Abigail must ask themselves over and over again “Do I believe these witnesses?”



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